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Erzurum Natural Propolis 20 ml

₺75,00 ₺85,00

Propolis in spray form is applied to the throat to help treat throat infections, and syrup is applied for cough and mouth sores. Propolis in powder form is known to be more effective when consumed with honey. It can be consumed by adding to drinks and yogurt.


Erzurum Genuine Mulberry Molasses 800gr

₺45,00 ₺55,00

Mulberry molasses, which is very rich in minerals, is recommended to be consumed especially by children, those with anemia problems and pregnant women. There are about 30 calories in a spoonful of mulberry molasses.


Erzurum Genuine Hınıs Bombay Beans 800gr

₺34,00 ₺40,00

Bombay Beans are a plump and coarse-grained bean variety. It grows in Erzurum Hınıs district. We recommend that you try the product, which has a white color, oval-shaped and swollen shape, in the preparation of piyaz and stew.


Erzurum Genuine Karakovan Honey 1000 gr

₺150,00 ₺180,00

The type of honey that we describe as Karakovan honey is the name given to the honey made with a honeycomb knitted only by the worker bees, without adding any comb. Comb honey, which does not contain a basic comb, is made by bees and is named as Karakovan comb honey.


Erzurum Genuine Karakovan Honey 3000gr

₺450,00 ₺540,00

What makes Karakovan honey, which has a special place among honey types, different is its production method. Human intervention is extremely low in the production of Karakavon honey. Most of the process until the emergence of the product belongs to the bees. Unlike other types of honey, honeycombs are not given to the bees in the production of Karakovan honey. In this production method, which does not use candles, swarms are placed inside the prepared beehives and the bees make everything themselves, including the honeycomb, in an environment without light. Production sites are far from highways and farmland. In this way, harmful chemicals and pollutants cannot reach honey. The quality level of Karakovan honey produced in regions with rich floral flora is high.


Erzurum Genuine Comb honey 1000 gr

₺120,00 ₺150,00

Real honey has a very specific, light scent like essence. ... Real honey has a thicker consistency than glucose honey. ... Real honey is not very sweet, it has a unique taste, not like a thick syrup. ... When real honey is taken into the mouth, several types of fragrance are tasted.


Erzurum Rosehip Marmalade 1,300gr

₺55,00 ₺60,00

At the beginning of the benefits of rosehip marmalade, we can count that it has a very strong antioxidant feature. It is extremely useful in inflammatory ailments. It is especially useful in relieving pain in joint disorders, calcifications and rheumatic disorders.